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merry fucking christmas fuckers


(x) off to college (x) i cant believe im doing college shit on the weekends too. this sucks

Tiny Snowman Red Hat


anon asked: gerard way or brendon urie?


"One girl being pulled out of the crowd looking uncannily like MSI’s Lyn-Z"

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Frank Iero with long hair for Crystal

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Gerard Way’s The Dove Keeper Tweets

Bob Bryar for Tiffany. ♥



Do you see this tweet? Tell me, what was frank doing tweeting at 4:20, then deleting it right after?  I was so lucky to have screenshotted this in time before it was gone forever. In this heartbreaking tweet, frank says he “likes” cheetos. The latin word for “like” is “amo” which can roughly be translated back into “love”. Cheetos is two syllables, which interestingly enough, is the same amount of syllables as the name of the one and only Gerard. This tweet is also three words long, which is how many letters Gerard’s last name is. Coincidence? I think not. Frank is confessing his undying and very real love for Gerard. Frerard is real, and always will be. 

this post breaks my heart every time bc it’s so true sobs frank misses his boyfriend so mu ch he has to send these cryptic messages it’s so sad